Advice regarding judicial and regulatory developments, and follow up to the legislative process of the General Law for the Regulation and Control of Cannabis (Ley General para la Regulación y Control de Cannabis) as well as amendments to the General Health Law (Ley General de Salud).
 Representation before the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Comisión Federal para la Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios or COFEPRIS) for the application of permits and authorizations intended for medical, scientific or industrial use.
 Consultations and inquiries before the Secretary of Health.
 Identification and evaluation from a legal standpoint of investment and partnership opportunities.
 Compliance derived from existing permits and authorizations issued by COFEPRIS.
 Strategic alliances and joint ventures between Mexican and foreign partners.
 Association, distribution, development and sales agency agreements.
 Formation of investment vehicles.
 Due diligence with respect to companies or projects in the cannabis industry.
 Relations with regulatory agencies and industry stakeholders.