Formation of investment vehicle, companies or corporations.
 Corporate bylaws or shareholder agreements.
 Agreements with suppliers, clients, contractors and sales representatives/agents.
 Mergers or joint ventures with other companies; sale or acquisition of a company or its assets, including cross-border counterparties.
 Contractual disputes; civil and commercial litigation.
 Trademarks and patents; license agreements; franchise developments.
 Search of opportunities to expand business in throughout Mexico.
 Secured or unsecured financing originated in Mexico or abroad; personal and real guaranties over stock, property or assets.
 For foreign investors, search of opportunities or strategic partners to expand business in throughout Mexico.
 Real estate transactions for industrial, commercial, residential or tourism purposes, from due diligence to close of acquisition.
 Public-private partnerships with state and federal governments.
 Design and implementation of corporate compliance tools and anti-corruption internal mechanisms.
 Strategic civil, commercial or criminal litigation.